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Life can be as hard as it is beautiful. We are all chasing the beauty and trying to figure out what to do with the hard stuff. Whether it be relationships, job, family, major shifts, or the personal hurts that we know we should talk about but always seem to keep to ourselves, the hard stuff is part of each of our lives. I am passionate about helping people learn how to move into the hard stuff well so that they can come out the other side stronger and more peaceful.

I am experienced in working with couples, adults, and adolescents from a variety of backgrounds. Everyone's journey through counseling is as unique as the individual themselves. So, while I work from a predominantly cognitive behavioral standpoint, I shape the methods and techniques we will use to fit you and your needs.

Counseling is a process. One that must start with meeting you where you are so that we can figure out where you would like to go and how to best begin that movement. In that process we find clarity, through clarity we find peace, and through peace we find strength. I would be honored to move through that process with you.

Michael Taylor, MS