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I have always had a heart for people. I always knew that I would end up working in the medical field. It was not until I was in college for several years that I discovered my passion for Mental Health. I am thrilled to be working at CMS Counseling in order to strengthen the skills that I have been developing over the years in the field of counseling.


I have previously had seven years of experience in a therapeutic boarding school for teens in crisis, and I have studied a variety of counseling methods and theories in those years. I am currently enrolled in a Masters program for Clinical Mental Health and Rehabilitation Counseling at Thomas University. I have plans to graduate in Fall of 2022.


I live in Gainesville with my husband and cat. We have been married since 2016 and have no children of our own yet. We will start trying after I graduate! I can't wait to serve you in our sessions together.

Gennesis Popovici, BA

Counseling Intern

Buford, Gainesville