Alexis Rinehart, MS, APC

Associate Professional Counselor


It takes insane courage to show up and let ourselves be seen and this helps us be better versions of ourselves. Counseling offers a safe and non-judgmental space to explore thoughts, feelings, personal histories, and unhelpful behaviors.


Some of the issues I help individuals overcome are anxiety, depression, trauma, all addictions, peer/family/romantic relationships and conflicts, self-harming behaviors, LGBTQIA+, and general life stressors using an integrative approach from various therapeutic approaches. Changing our thoughts, exploring feelings, and modifying responses will help us achieve a life we can be proud of.


It's my goal to help clients achieve personal growth and self-love. I strive to guide others to realize that they're not broken. I want to offer hope and healing to those who feel lost. I use authenticity, sensitivity, patience, compassion, humor, and empathy to connect w/ others to build a therapeutic alliance that fosters the freedom to explore and grow.

The therapeutic process is about YOUR growth and YOUR goals, being intentional with your energy, effort, and attitude is key. I hope to use MY energy, effort, and attitude to help my clients know that they are enough, and they are worthy of love and belonging. If this sounds like a journey you are ready to take and that I may be a good fit, please reach out.